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The passion of Emiliano to the tradition and culture of Tuscany, and his ability to actualize ancient tastes, adapting them for modern tastes, have shaped the best dishes, creating a menu full of original and unique sensations.
Starting from traditional recipes, the chef skills in creating new combinations creates elaborate meals but lightweight, able to highlight every single flavor and, at the same time, the taste of the whole creation.
Even the presentation is carefully supervised. The dishes of the tavern, in fact, are carefully prepared and presented with an eye to the color scheme, to meet not only the palate but also the sight.
Experimentation and the constant search for balance sensory each dish stimulate new creations, able to rediscover and typical Tuscan dishes.
A Tuscan cuisine and creative, with a personal signature, created from ingredients carefully selected for high quality and seasonality, with respect for nature and tradition.

The chef and owner of the restaurant, Emiliano Rossi, has a long experience, born from the passion for cooking cultivated from early childhood, when little Emiliano flanked by his mother in the kitchen.
He graduated from the institute hotel chef P. Artusi of Chianciano Terme (SI), alternating studies numerous experiences in various restaurants in the city of Cortona, to decide, in 1994, just twenty-one, to start a catering business in their own . First in small locations where there is now the other activity proprietary "fett'unta" and then in the charming palace where he remains today.
Since then creates tasty dishes, fruit of the personal union of traditional Tuscan cuisine and personal inspiration.

The idea behind all the culinary creations of the chef Emiliano is equilibration of taste through a long trial. Starting dall'ingrediente main dish of a traditional Tuscan cuisine are researched the history of the ingredient, its past and its roots, only to be re-interpreted and updated.
This is how new dishes, heirs of the long and rich Tuscan tradition, but lighter and more pleasant to the taste.

The philosophy of harmony and authenticity is reflected faithfully nel'accurata selection of ingredients that take part in the creation of delicious menu at Osteria del Teatro.
Each dish is an expression of its territory and has to live with it, to be the full expression of the local culture. Why are sought excellence of the territory, products at kilometer zero, strictly seasonal, carefully chosen to be the expression and appreciation of the culture Tuscan food and wine.
So the menu you will find unique delicacies such as wild pig, the Chianina, beans zolfini and fagiolina of Lake Trasimeno, all exceptional products of Tuscany.

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